Remanufactured Swing Cylinder Unloading John Deere 9600 7720 9400 6620 9500


Price: $400,000 Located Malta 12″ THOMAS CUTTERHEAD DREDGE (Ref#1136) Buit remanufactured swing cylinder 1982, converted to 12″ dredge in 1990, Rebuilt 1997. Support equipment: life jackets, flares, first aid kit. Overall hull size: 73′ x 21. 77″ (350mm), 59′ (18m) depth excavation, max draught 7.

Deister 6×12 dewatering screen. Main Aux generator: Niigata 6L22LX, John Deere Parts 500kva Meiden 65kva. 5′ depth remanufactured swing cylinder x 3. Additional equipment available: 3000′ LF of HDPE 12″ pipe, 1000 gallons fuel barge, Lowe dredge tender skiff, Parts trailer, Pipeline floats, Floating discharge rubber. 5m 14m), able to extend up to 59′ (18m). 12VDC (3 amp max) for convenience and user furnished radios. Located Northeast USA. , located Midwest USA Purchase Price: $185,000 PRICE REDUCED: $150,000 Rent: $25,000 per month (2 shifts) or $18,000 per month (1 shift) 12″ BOOSTER PUMP (Ref#2624) (2) Available. Hull Width remanufactured swing cylinder (including pontoons): 20′. Diesel hydraulic dredge, 4″. Cutter speed: 0-39 RPM, Cutter diameter: 31. Onboard fuel capacity 125 gallons. Service water pump: Goulds model 3756, 1 1 2 x 2 x 10. 9m Length, 26m length with boom, 7. Ellicott 12″ x 10″, remanufactured swing cylinder 20′ depth. 12″ x 10″ BOOSTER PUMP (Ref#3212) Powered by CAT 3406. 7′ remanufactured swing cylinder beam, 9. 75 gallon fuel tank. Fuel capacity 3,300 gallons. 5kts, Maximum dredging depth: 72′ 98′, Suction pipe diameter: 600mm, Pump capacity: 600 KW, Discharge by pump out or sliding buckets, Main engine: Mirrless Black Stone ESL 8960 BHP, Main generator: (2) Volvo Penta 75KVA, Emergency generator: CAT 250 KVA, Dredging pump: Dorman 12 QT 650 HP, Accommodation: 14 people.

With dedicated service and reliable quality, We are recognized as specialist for Komatsu, Caterpillar and Cummins replacement parts to the customers worldwide. 07 rpm, 400V 50Hz,10P. 12 x 14 GIW LSA 36 suction pump, 400 hp DC drive motor 1000kw genset p b12V149 Detroit, 600kw genset p b 3412 Cat, 15kw Triton genset p b John Deere Kaeser SK 15T air compressor Krohne flow and nuclear density meter 15000 gallon fuel system New 16″ x 120′ AR suction piping Tabor 6 x 16 triple deck TH120 shaker screen 10 x 12 GIW LSA 32 sand pump Krebs D26 sand cyclones 48″ Kohlberg sigle sand screw 30″ Marco product conveyors Wintech ladder and barge moving winches Price: $3,300,000 27. Dredging depth: 33′. 26 Seals, gaskets, Studs. Built remanufactured swing cylinder 2002. Wire size 1 2″, drum capacity: 150′. Cutter system: 10,000lb torque underwater up to 30rpm. Thompson pump w 3408 Cat engine, with aux Cat 3403, hydraulic pump, diesel generator, fuel tank, foam filled dredge with 2 bolted on pontoons, all hydraulic winches, pontoon 30′ x 9′, 30′ capacity, 200 yards per hour, located Texas. 9 remanufactured swing cylinder gallons per hour. 5″ remanufactured swing cylinder impeller diameter. Engine: CAT 3412 550 HP. Safety equipment, propulsion system, fuel tanks, engine instruments and controls. Average cutting speed: 8 to 12 FPM. Pump: Centrifugal 13″, 4″ suction, 8″ discharge. 7′), 800 m3 hopper capacity, 600mm suction pipe diameter, 30m (98′) approx depth capacity, rolling remanufactured swing cylinder bucket discharge, 960 hp Mirrless Black Stone main engine, 655 Genuine John Deere Oem hp Dorman engine dredge power, suction time 2 hours, dredge time 4 hours, speed 9. 12″ Suction, 10″ discharge. Price: $475,000 remanufactured swing cylinder 12″ x 10″ CUTTERHEAD DREDGE (Ref#2801) Built 1980. Located South USA. Fuel remanufactured swing cylinder capacity: 180 gal, fuel consumption 13. Price: $140,000 OFF MARKET IMS 4010 HORIZONTAL AUGER DREDGE (Ref#16) 37’4″ long x 9’4″ wide x 10’4″ height, 17,000 lbs. 10m, 11 ton bollard pull, 11 knots max cruise speed, 281 ton gross tonnage, (2) 88kw generators, accommodations 7 crew and 10 passenger, (2) suction dredging pumps, discharge (2) 16″ pipes, 108B link belt crane, 40 tons. Keep us in your files for any equipment that may become available in the future. 2014 Price: $11,760. Cutter motor: 175kw (230ps) x 18. Internal oil storage tank 660 gallons. Bucketwheel cutterhead 42″ diameter. Spud size: 30″ (760mm) dia x 72′ (22m) long x 2 units (self folding type). Complete with starter and controls on engine. (3) Spud winches. CAT 398 diesel engine (rebuilt), Lufkin gear with remanufactured swing cylinder low hours. 49′ x 10′ x 3′. 6′ extension tube between undercarriage and upper. Torque: 18,000 in. 8″ CUTTER SUCTION DREDGE (Ref#2805) Built 2000 (Korea), 97′ x 21′ x 4. IMS Dredge pump 10″ suction x 10″ discharge, 3000 GPM. San pump maker motor: Toyo-Denki DP600-12W 450 kw 3300V 60 hz. Power at remanufactured swing cylinder cutter shaft 100HP, cutter speed 0-36rpm. Fuel remanufactured swing cylinder capacity 800gallons. , 22′ working depth Motor: Toshiba 350 hp electric, 900-2200 rpm speed control range Drive: Toshiba 350 hp Vari Freq. Pump capacity: 4500m3 hr at remanufactured swing cylinder 20m head, 22″ (550A) KSP-550SSP (550kw). 2- 20 foot sea containers (Office and Storage). Price: $75,000 MC-915 MUDCAT AUGER DREDGE 8X6 AND BOOSTER (Ref#3218) A. Main engine: CAT 3406 diesel. Spuds: 16″ x 51′. SP8-15 MUDCAT: This dredge was a new MC-15 Mudcat in 1976, converted into an “SP” (submerged pump) machine by mounting the main pump at the lower end of the boom rather than in the dredge hull under the cab. 32′ x Genuine John Deere Oem 8′, 22″ draft, Weight 17,000 lbs. Auxiliary hydraulic remanufactured swing cylinder circuit and controls. Rubber suction piece to connect the ladder to center section. Maximum cut of dredge remanufactured Genuine John Deere Oem Support swing cylinder (single cut) at min. Hull draft (not including spuds) 2’10”. Pump capacity remanufactured swing cylinder Impeller: 3,300m3 hr at 42m head 4 blade x 1500mm x 367 rpm. Washroom, galley. 8′ draft, 15,600 lbs. Heavy-duty ladder, 48′ (max depth 41. Speed up to 100rpm. Excellent Condition Protective frame not shown in photo Overall dimensions: 127″ long x 45″ wide x 60″ high Weight remanufactured swing cylinder 5,500 lbs. Overall length (with ladder) 73’9″ Overall width: 11’11” Hull depth: 4’0″ Height (trucking): 10’6″ Mean draft (with fuel): 2’8″ Fuel capacity: 800 gal Dry weight: Genuine John Deere Oem Def 756,000# Single truck transportable Price: $325,000 12″ x 10″ SHARK CLASS “MAK0” DREDGE (Ref#1592c) Built 1992, Conventional dredge, Cat 3406BDI engine Genuine John Deere (966 hours on reman), Pekor 12 x 10 32 dredge pump (60%), Peerless Model F21020 APBF service pump, Twin disc 514 reduction gear, 6 Pullmaster M swing winches, 4 Pullmast PL spud winches, Rexroth 2. Price: $70,000 PRICE REDUCED: $40,000 remanufactured swing cylinder 16″ x 16″ BOOSTER PUMP (Ref#2882a) Maddox pump with 36″ impeller, 12V92 Detroit diesel, TwinDisc PTO. Ready to use. Handling gears, swings are (2) Kenamaticks 8000lb pull winches. 9′, side pontoons 40′ x 4. Thomas main pump. Length: 38′, Width 9′, remanufactured swing cylinder Height overall 8. 350 remanufactured swing cylinder Horsepower. Double acting hydraulic swing cylinder for ladder operation, 2 swing winches remanufactured swing cylinder for conventional operation. Pump capacity, bore: 3500m3 hr at 20m head, dia 18″ (450mm). Spuds are 50′ long. Pump powered John Deere 2520 Transmission by (2) 343 turbo remanufactured swing cylinder charged Cat engines 875HP turning (2) timing belts. Mission Magnum XP pump example performance data: 14″ x 12″ x 22″ impeller 1200 rpm, 400 HP, with a 250′ head will pump 5000 gallons per minute. Produces 80 cubic yards hour. Suction: 8″, discharge 6″.

This dredge was removed from the water 2 years ago, dismantled, and is now remanufactured swing cylinder in storage in the South USA. Price: $1,550,000 OFF MARKET 16″ CUTTERHEAD DREDGE (Ref#1137) Barge hull (steel) 100′ x 26′ x 8′, with pontoon 175′ long, suction ladder 175′ long, Main pump engine: Cat 3508 (1000 hp), Generator engine: Cat 3508 (1000 hp), Under Water Power: Cat 4606 (400 hp) runs twin hydraulic pumps, Jet pump power: Cummins 400 hp, Air compressor power: John Deere QAS 58 JD 52kw, 4″ Thompson pump powered by 300 hp electric motor and 10 x 8 jt pump, Chicago Pneumatic RCP-10123 HS 175 psi air remanufactured swing cylinder compressor p b Atlas Copco QAS 58JD Joohn Deere 65 kva 52kw generator, (4) fuel tanks total 22,000 gal fuel capacity, located US Gulf Coast Price: $1,900,000 15. Flushed hydraulic fluid (used 55 gallons of remanufactured swing cylinder aw46 grade hydraulic fluid), replaced both hydraulic filters. 250 ton per hour capacity. Center hull 36′, breadth 10′, depth 4′, (2) sponsons 48′, overall length including ladder 50′, (2) spuds 42′ x 12″, (2) spud hoist driven by hydraulic motor, welded steel, Cummins 6 cyl diesel QSK 19M 660 KC-P (760 hp), reduction gears Twin Dsic MG 518, electric bilge pumps, Thomas Simplicity pup (36″ runner) driven by Cummins main engine, bilge pump and trash pump, 44″ cutterhead ladder, 24″ Florida Foundry cutterhead driven by hydraulic motor, (2) 500 gallon fuel tank, hydraulic controls and pressure gauges, tachometer, oil Fender Lh John Deere 4960 pressure, water temperature, compass, horns, navigational lights, radios, radar, GPS, searchlights, 28 kw aux generator w Cummins 6CT diesel engine. 8′ depth, 8. Operations crew: 6 men (14 crew accommodation available) Located Malaysia. 1 375HP Turbo. 21’9″ remanufactured swing cylinder x 14’8 1 2″ x 17″, Dry weight: 16,592lbs. Built 1991. Engine: CAT 3412 550HP. 20′ remanufactured swing cylinder depth capacity. Hull remanufactured swing cylinder length: 50′.

Power at cutter shaft 100 HP (0-36 RPM). 185′ of head at 80PSI. 42′ x 11′ x 10′ weight remanufactured swing cylinder 28,000lbs, Draft 30″. Main engine: C-27, 800 HP, Tier 2, box cooler. Production capacity: remanufactured swing cylinder 400 cubic yards hour. 25′ x 9’10”, 38,000 lbs. We test all the head by air remanufactured swing cylinder in hot water strictly according to the OEM standard before they are regarded as qualified. Production: 225 yd3 hour.

Double Acting Ladder Lift Hydraulic Cylinder: 28,200# extending force, 53,000# retracting force, 14 ft min extending speed, 18 ft min retracting speed Planetary spud winches with integral parking brake: 5,150# line pull, 100 ft min line speed, 1 2″ 6×37 power steel wire rope. Digging remanufactured swing cylinder depth 3′-28′. Cutter module: 88,500 in lb, cutter diameter 32″, shaft diameter 3″. CAT remanufactured Genuine John Deere Oem Hydraulic Cylinder swing cylinder 3406 diesel 400HP. 100 remanufactured swing cylinder horsepower. Items rebuilt: Engines, hydraulics were replaced and rehosed. Serviced, cycled and load tested. Ladder remanufactured swing cylinder length 80′. The floating bucket ladder dredger can move lengthwise, crosswise and pivoting, but the working direction is forward. Located Tennessee. 3,500gpm, 65′ TDH water 900rpm. Price: $115,000 10″ Used 16 X 42 Plate Rear x 10″ IMS 4010 AUGER DREDGE (Ref#2532) Built 1990, Refurbished 2016 sandblasted and painted. John Deere 4520 4620 7020 7′) long x 2 units. Port and starboard swing motors and winches. Price: $425,000 as is in Nebraska. 60′ x 13′ x 5. 5″ ID, 14″ OD HDPE SDR PIPE (Ref#2877) 5,000′ available. 8m x 12m x 2. Price: $375,000 NON-PROPELLED SAND PUMP LOADING remanufactured swing cylinder BARGE (Ref#1715f) Engine Performance Module For John Deere Sprayer Built 2012, 130. 29′ heavy duty ladder, new. Price: $1,100,000 120 TON DIPPER DREDGER (Ref#1797) Genuine John Deere Oem Fuel 56′ maximum dredge depth (bucket), 68′ max dredge John Deere 4620 depth (hydraulic grab), Hitachi 60 Xhd Low Profile Bucket EX1200 excavator, 44′ boom, 24′ and 32′ dipper, bulk and rock buckets, ripper tool, RTK GPS, Foreshore Technology Dregemaster instrumentation and software, 3 hydraulic driven spud legs, 42 tons fuel, 15 tons fresh water, full refit with new excavator 2009, located Europe Price on Request 20″ HYDRAULIC CUTTERHEAD 2009 John Deere DREDGE (Ref#1796) Built 1983, totally rebuilt 1995, AAMCO PD20S, 45′ x 10′ x 6′ center hull, 78′ x 9′ x 6′ side sections, 24″ x 70′ spuds, ladder with 200 hp cutter drive system, Cat 3408 (550 hp) aux engine, Cat D399 (1200 hp) main engine, ladder extended to 74′, located US Gulf Available for Charter CURRENTLY IN USE AND NOT AVAILABLE 16″ x 18″ SUCTION DREDGE (Ref#1525) Built 1968, dimensions 100′ x 26′ x 4. Jetting Pump Engine: 270m3 hr 140m (Taiko Kikai 200 250) Isuzu 154ps 2,000 rpm. Impeller remanufactured swing cylinder size: 50″ x 13. Average cutting speed: 5-15 FPM. Main Engine Caterpillar 3412 Hydraulic Engine Caterpillar 3306 Lever room and hydraulic controls and gauges. 52 Liners front and back, impeller parts, seals, gaskets Jun. Reduction gear: Twin Disc MG518. Price: $1,000,000 22″ x 22″ CUTTER remanufactured swing cylinder SUCTION DREDGER (Ref#1715c) Built 1989, 193.

350, Mercedes-Benz 130 hp (32kw) generator, Deutz 20kw generator, 260 hp Mercedes bow thruster, accommodations 5 bedrooms, capacities: 6500L remanufactured swing cylinder (1717 gal) total water, 55000L (14,500 gal) total fuel oil. Cutter: 52″ OD, 43″ ID, 6 blade. 5′ side sponsons for extra floatation remanufactured swing cylinder and extra fuel storage and a stable work platform. Discharge distance: 3900′ 4900′ (1200m 1500m) subject to sand density. Pump: Morris 6-CK Centrifugal closed impeller.

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